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The following charts, tables and chronologies come in 3 formats. You are free to use them and share them as long as they are not sold or merchandized.

  • A standard gif picture format which is okay for general viewing.
  • An Adobe PDF file format which shows exact detail and is good for printing.
  • A Microsoft Excel file format which provides the added benefit of pop up references. You won't have to search for the Scriptural or Historical references given. Just hold your mouse over the reference and it will pop up for you to read.

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The Chronology of Yashua (Jesus)
The Life of Yashua (Jesus) - (birth to resurrection)
The Passover Week of Yashua (Jesus)
Yashua (Jesus) and the course of Abijah
Matthew 1 & Luke 3 (lineage of Yashua)

Matthew 1 - the Genealogy of Yashua

6030 Years of Scriptural Chronology - Masoretic Text

6030 Yrs. of Chronology based on the MT text of the Scripture
Showing the relationship between people and events of the Scripture and
their synchronization with the Jubilee and Sabbath cycles.

Please note these files are very large. For those interested in reading the references
please use the .xls file. Just hold your mouse over the reference and it will pop up for you to
read. The .PDF file provides the clearest viewing.

Chronology of the Kings of Judah and Israel
Chronology of the Kings of Judah and Israel (3 part .gif)
- - - -
People - Chronological dates from Adam to Yashua (coming soon)
Events - Chronological dates from Adam to Yashua (coming soon)
The Jubilee Tables
The Jubilee Cycle Explained
The 1st Jubilee
The Jubilee Code - - - table version
2nd Temple Era Chronology
The 3 Captivity Periods of Judah
The Chronology of Jehoiakim to Zedekiah .gif .pdf .xls
The 70th Jubilee and the 70 Years of the Captivity Period .gif .pdf .xls
Comprehensive Chronology of the 2nd Temple Era .gif .pdf .xls
Babylonian, Persian, Egyptian, and Medean Chronology
Chronology of Babylonian and Persian Rulers
Generational Comparative of Egyptian, Babylonian,
Persian, Medean and Hebrew Contemporaries
The Chronologies of Josephus
Herod's Chronology - Jospehus
The Eclipse of Herod - 1 BC version
The Eclipse of Herod - 4 BC version
The Eclipse of Herod - 4 BC version (.gif - Parts a, b, c)
The Chronologies of D. Davidson & C. Alersmith
Tables of D. Davidson & C. Aldersmith

Miscellaneous Charts, Tables and Plates
Ancient and Modern Month Name Equivalents

Have you ever wondered how many years there are between two events in the Scripture? How many 7 year cycles were there between Adam and Noah? Or how about how many Jubilee cycles were there between the creation of Adam and the building of Solomons Temple. Below are various cycles of time between which most of the dateable events of the Scripture are calculated. They are based on the chronology of the Scripture as presented in the Tables above. ( under construction ) Because of the size of these files I have only provided them in PDF and XLS formats. Sometimes it is difficult to determine the exact month of a specific event. Often the dates are only accurate to within a few months. Due to this challenge I have provided each of the base calculations with + 1 and - 1 variable. This provides additional cycle calculations to within 1 year of either side of the base chronological dating. These additional calculations are only provided for 11 year cycles and longer.

Jubilee Cycles
Enoch (Phoenix) Cycles
5 Year Cycles
6 Year Cycles
7 Year Cycles
8 Year Cycles
9 Year Cycles
10 Year Cycles
11 Year Cycles
13 Year Cycles
14 Year Cycles
17 Year Cycles
19 Year Cycles
23 Year Cycles
29 Year Cycles
29.53 Year Cycles
31 Year Cycles
34 Year Cycles
37 Year Cycles
40 Year Cycles
41 Year Cycles
49 Year Cycles
50 Year Cycles
70 Year Cycles
97 Year Cycles
103 Year Cycles
111 Year Cycles
153 Year Cycles
329 Year Cycles
360 Year Cycles
365 Year Cycles
365.24 Year Cycles
12 Cycle - Lunar Year Cycles
13 Cycle - Lunar Year Cycles
14 Cycle - Lunar Year Cycles