Welcome to my collection of Illustrations, Drawings and Maps. The pictures in these pages come from the following sources:

An Illustrated History of the HOLY BIBLE - published by Henry Bill (1871)

The Holy Bible - published by John E. Potter and Company (late 1800's)

Mathematical Astronomy - by C.W. C. Barlow & G.H. Bryan (1893)

Dawn of Astronomy by Sir Norman Lockyer (late 1800's)

The Great Pyramid by D. Davidson & C. Aldersmith (1924)

Palestine and Syria by Baedeker's (1912)

Are you looking for that perfect illustration for your project, book, web page or study? In the index below you find thumbnails of over 1100 illustrations and drawings of Biblical era events, people and maps. You will also find very old pictures, maps and drawings of Egypt and the pyramids. In the index listed below there are pages with thumbnails of high quality scans. None of these picture, illustrations, drawings and maps are for sale. I am willing to make a trade of sorts. If you provide a link for 6 months to www.countdowntothemessiah.com I will trade you for the pictures of your choice. If you don't have a web page let me know and I will see what I can do. All I ask is that you e-mail me your requested pictures with a web page address (URL) showing a link to www.countdowntothemessiah.com . Then I will send you the high quality files of your choice. You must also agree not use, or provide for others use, any of these illustrations, drawings, pictures and maps for purposes of private or commercial profit. By e-mailing me with proof of the link and your request for the pictures you agree to the above terms. I reserve the right to modify or cancel these terms at any time.

All pictures below are thumbnails. If you would like to see an example of the quality of these illustrations and drawings you will find some examples in the following PDF file: Countdown to the Messiah: Chronology of a Captive People